The American Academy of Dermatology has an initiative to reduce the rates of skin cancer by providing prevention and detection education.

Above the Influence was created for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. The site creates awareness of peer influence and the pressure to fit in.

CADCA is a drug abuse prevention organization focused on training coalitions to help American communities combat substance abuse.

The Cool Spot is promoted by the National Institute on Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism to engage middle school children in an interactive site. It presents topics about peer pressure, facts about alcohol and underage consumption, and strategies to resist pressure and temptation.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is responsible for enforcing controlled substances laws and regulations in the U.S.

This Drugfree Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families and communities raise healthy youth.

Healthfinder is a resource of the federal government offering tools to help live a healthier life. This site is managed by the Department of Health & Human Services.

HHS is a government agency created to protect the health of Americans and assist in providing resources to those in need of assistance.

A non-profit organization committed to stop drunk driving and prevent underage drinking.

A non-profit organization committed to stop drunk driving and prevent underage drinking.

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. – See more at:

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism offers clinicians and patients support and resources for people who drink too much.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse created NIDA for Teens to educate youth and parents on “the science behind drug abuse.”

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is the Nation’s leading authority and resource in educating on the science of drug abuse and addiction.  The Institute provides a wealth of information, research, and support to improve prevention and treatment.

A drug prevention website designed to equip parents, guardians and youth leaders with information for raising healthy, drug-free children.

This organization promotes the health and well-being of youth from infants through young adulthood.

The U.S. government site provides easy access to educational information and resources about alcohol and your health.

A peer-to-peer teen education program committed to educate and prevent destructive behavior from alcohol abuse.

This government agency addresses substance abuse and mental health. It offers services through grants, awards and leadership to reduce substance abuse and provides resources for mental health research and services.

Kids Skin Health is a program of the American Academy of Dermatology to bring skin, nail and hair health education through an online information network.

This is a Step-by-Step Quit Smoking Guide to help you or someone you know quit smoking.  The site gives smoking information for US states and local, state, and national telephone quit lines.

Stop bullying provides numerous resources and information from government agencies in support of strategies to prevent bullying.

This information center offers awareness and resources recognizing the proliferation of over-the-counter and prescription drug abuse among teens.

The Federal Trade Commission maintains this site which is a national campaign to reduce and prevent underage drinking.